GCSE Revision Quizzes​

These quizzes are designed to test your basic knowledge of each area of study. It’s a useful starting point for your revision for the GCSE exam. Each quiz has a video and several questions. The quizzes will give you feedback straight away, allowing you to see what you got correct, and which answers were wrong.

You should create revision cards for the content of the videos that you aren’t entirely familiar with. You should also create revision cards for any answers you didn’t get right in the quiz (or any you had to guess and luckily got right!)

AOS 2 – The Concerto Through Time

Baroque Features Quiz

Baroque Concerto Quiz

Classical Features Quiz

Classical Concerto Quiz

Romantic Features Quiz

Romantic Concerto Quiz

AOS 3 – Rhythms of the World

Indian Classical Music

Bhangra Music Quiz

Greek, Israeli and Palestinian Music Quiz

African Music Quiz

Calypso Music Quiz

Samba Music Quiz

AOS 4 – Film Music

Leitmotif Quiz

Atmosphere Quiz

Diegetic Quiz

Tension Quiz

Computer Game Music Quiz

AOS 5 – Pop Music

Voices in Pop Quiz

Instruments in Pop Quiz

Blues to Rock ‘n’ Roll Quiz

Rock, Pop and Solo Quiz



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